Foundation „TAVS ATBALSTS” (YOUR SUPPORT) is a non-governmental organisation that provides the operation of a co-financing platform ( It has been created with the faith in long-term thinking and responsible society. We believe that the giving pays back to the giver and each small or major initiative and participation in them shapes the society where one supports the other. Thus it fosters the development of such values in people that are important for the existence and development of the state.

We discuss a lot that it is habitual and popular to expect everything from the state but maybe it is utopia that we believe in due to our historical experience. But more realistic it would be to change the attitude and to think about the things I could do, so that it would be better for someone and for me myself and the life would become more qualitative.

And we believe that everyone can give something and can receive even more!

There are many co-financing platform projects in the world that provide the opportunity for everyone to submit the idea and to get the financial support from the society or any other kind of participation support for the idea implementation. And we believe that so it should be and it can successfully function in Latvia. We believe that there are a lot of similarly thinking people and we believe in the great idea potential of the people in Latvia as we all wish to live in a better country, in a more happy, healthy and joyful society.

The major value of the co-financing projects is the openness as those project ideas are implemented that are important for the society and valuable and otherwise there would not be the possibilities and the opportunities to implement them.