What are the areas for the Project submission?
Foundation „TAVS ATBALSTS” has not determined any restrictions for the projects – to our opinion, everyone who has an idea about the project that could be as investment for the development of society, is important. If it is not important for one person, then it will be important for another person along with people who would provide support for that. And in such a way many ideas have the possibility to become long-term viable when the resources are joined together.

How the foundation „TAVS ATBALSTS” operates?
The foundation provides the opportunity for everyone to raise funds for the project, for one’s idea. The project does not need to be devoted for the elimination of the consequences within the health sector, as it is accepted. It can also be devoted for reduction of problem causes. It is important that the project would bring significant benefit for the society or some part of it.

Are there any deadlines for the campaigns and timeframes?
If the Project implementation is related to a specific time frame, then it will be indicated in the information provided about the Project. Otherwise there are no other time limits determined. Our main goal is to ensure an opportunity to implement significant intentions.
What happens when the necessary funds are not gathered?
In such a situation foundation “TAVS ATBALSTS” together with the project author (submitter) agree on the version how most successfully use the means donated for such the specific goal, for instance, by implementing a part of the project.
Can I submit a Project that is foreseen for the support of another person?
Yes, that is possible.