Our goals:
  • To facilitate the society’s activity by initiating, supporting and implementing projects that are important for certain groups of the society;
  • To facilitate the mutual cooperation of the people and the mutual responsibility by ensuring support to one another, participation in the implementation of the ideas that matter for the society.

Our Values

Connection – we live with a conviction that all the members of the society are inter-related. That means that as important as to receive it is to give as well. Not in vain there is a saying – giving pays back to the giver – and it is known in the whole world as it works and brings results.

Responsibility – the foundation of the welfare state is the responsibility of each person regarding what he/ she can give to the society and his/ her individual growth.

Pro-activity – It is habitual in Latvia that the charity initiatives extinguish the consequences of the problems. However our goal is to look for the opportunities how to solve the problems at their core, as well as to show the others and also the policy elaborators the ways how the specific problems can be used.
Initiative – irrefutable is the truth that changes can be achieved only by doing things. Each member of the society with initiative or a good idea is value. In combination with the abilities of other people to implement those ideas, we can create potential to carry out significant and major works.