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How it works


Step 1

You have an idea for a support Project! Elaborate a Project description and a photo, register at and submit the Project. There are no determined restrictions for the Project areas.


Step 2

In cooperation with the „Tavs atbalsts” team adjust and improve the Project idea, conclude the cooperation contract. The Project is published on, thus it starts its implementation cycle.


Step 3

Together with the persons who share your interests, spread the information about the Project within the social networks. It is important that the information on your Project and the possibility to support it would be available to as many people as possible.


Step 4

When the necessary amount of financial means has been donated or the Project date has expired, the financial means are allocated and the Project implementation should be started.


Step 5

In order to ensure that the financial support is being used accordingly, elaborate and submit the Project report and other documentation.
Gratification about the achievement!

About us

Why choose Us is an open co-financing platform; here you can submit different types of projects in various spheres.
  • We are familiar with the charity in its different ways, as at different stages of life and in different situations people have different ways and possibilities to donate.
  • People meet here who believe in the ability to join together in order to help and jointly implement generous ideas.
  • We believe that everyone can give something and can receive even more.
  • Only by doing things the positive changes can be achieved.

Our dominances

Social support
Youth initiatives
Culture project
How does fund TAVS ATBALSTS work?
Fund TAVS ATBALSTS makes it incredibly easy to raise money online for the things that matter to you most. In just a few steps, you'll be able to personalize your fundraising campaign and share it with the people in your life.
With fund TAVS ATBALSTS, the money you collect goes directly to you. There are no deadlines or limits — each donation you receive is yours to keep. Raising money for your ideas and projects.
What can I raise money for?
People raise money for just about everything which gives significant benefit to the society or part of it.
What if I don't reach my goal?
The information will follow.
How do I get donations?
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How does fund TAVS ATBALSTS keep campaigns safe?
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