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Inquiry room in Jelgava region "Do you know?" Science room

About the project
Glūdas Māj-skola is a place where children study, participate in camps and creative activities, spend a lot of time fresh, playful, meet nature and spend time meaningfully while their parents are at work. On a daily basis, we see that children learn greatly through cognition, exploration of play, and this brings them joy in learning the subject matter on a daily basis. That's why we create a smart, "Do you know?", Break-out room.
Currently, there is no such room in either Jelgava or Jelgava region. Let's be the first! "Do you know?" the room will combine the exploration of natural processes, the acquisition of mathematical activities - solving, logical thinking development tasks / activities, the search for coherence, physics and chemistry through practical activities through easy, creative and fun activities and tasks. It will allow children to understand the various processes and regularities of nature, physics, mathematics and chemistry, spending time happily and cognitively. It's so good to learn to move! Room visits will be open to schools, groups of friends, families, but special attention is paid to offering cognitive pleasure to several socially vulnerable groups (orphans, children from foster families, children from disadvantaged families, children from poor / low-income families.) Be one of those who support social company idea!

Let's create opportunities together!
Sanita Smirnova
Santa Leiboviča