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Let's help Tahmina prolong her life

About the project
Tahmina, 4 years old, has been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, a mixed form of pancreatic insufficiency.
Today, it is not yet possible to completely cure cystic fibrosis, but with the right medication and treatment tactics, the patient's quality of life and life expectancy can be greatly improved. Life expectancy with this diagnosis is increasing worldwide every year, and patient survival in Europe is now approaching 40 years on average.
Effective airway cleansing therapy is needed to prolong Tahmin's lifespan. A respiratory cleansing system is required to provide this therapy. The system consists of a vest attached to an air pulsation generator, which is rapidly inflated and deflated by the generator. In this way, the chest wall is gently compressed and released, creating airflow in the lungs. In this process, the sputum is transferred to the large airways from which it can be coughed up or sucked out. The most affordable device that provides such therapy is the AirEffect Vest Respiratory Cleansing System and it costs 4840 Euros.
Let's help Tahmina prolong her life!
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