Foundation „TAVS ATBALSTS” brings together people that for several years have cherished the idea regarding the charity initiatives that would facilitate the development of society and would indicate new ways how to solve some urgent issues.

We believe that joining together people who think alike and have similar value system we can achieve those things that otherwise would not be achievable, that would stay in someone’s thoughts or on the level of unfulfilled urgent needs that cause unfavourable consequences.
For us the feeling and gratitude is important that we can provide someone with the opportunity – both giving the opportunity and receiving it. Along with our partners we want to join the efforts to create a co-responsible society that cares about the welfare of the society. The welfare is foundation for long-term vitality of the state and the society for the next generations.

We are familiar with the charity in its various ways as in different stages of life and in different situations people have different ways and opportunities to donate.


Responsibility areas: author of the idea, legal support, project coordination, cooperation initiatives.

Inese Leoho - Čudare